RosiDimia R.
Submitted 06/29/22
Great Experience

Venkataramana R.
Submitted 06/25/22
Was a good visit and doctor has answered all of my questions.

Judith W.
Submitted 06/14/22
Respectful knowledgeable

Ranjini G.
Submitted 06/09/22
Dr is very knowledgeable, listens to the patients problem wisely. Very polite and kind and her staff as well. First time visit, I am very satisfied.

Anthony A.
Submitted 06/08/22

Charlene V.
Submitted 05/24/22
Great doctor with excellent patient care. I have experienced the right balance and am more healthier under her care.

Rita A.
Submitted 05/19/22
Very professional and Doctor very competent and took personal time.

Sindhu K.
Submitted 05/16/22
It was good

Gayatri K.
Submitted 05/14/22
I recommend Dr Rapa, she understands patients need and guides in a right direction. I did reach out to her when my appointment with other endocrinologist was delayed initially to get medical records and then cancelled for unknown reason after waiting for 3 months and after cancellation I was advised to schedule the next appointment for a future date two months from the original appointment date. I am thankful to Dr Rapa for managing the appointment in urgency, listening to my concerns and guiding in a right direction.

Pablo O.
Submitted 05/02/22
Es muy buena

Robert C.
Submitted 04/30/22
Very nice environment and you actually visit the doctor, who listens to every word and offers great advice

Cheryl G.
Submitted 04/22/22
Friendly staff, clean office and I didn’t wait at all to get into my appt!

Vionette B.
Submitted 04/22/22
Dr. Repaka was very pleasant and very knowledgeable doctor.

Lucille H.
Submitted 04/06/22
The short time I visit her I’m please with the results I have got from her.

Millie K.
Submitted 04/03/22
Dr Repaka is nice and very professional.

Simin S.
Submitted 04/01/22
I trust her diagnosis and when I talk to her explaining my situation she listens carefully that gives me a sense of confidence.

Maryam A.
Submitted 03/28/22
Excellent Dr Thank u very much Dr Neeharika for your care

Claudia L.
Submitted 03/19/22
For caring Doctor. She is awesome and very good.

Iman A.
Submitted 03/17/22
Dr. Repaka is knowledgeable and treats patients with respect. I appreciate being heard and being able to participate in a plan for my care.

Young S.
Submitted 03/11/22
I was very comfortable during her office visit. Dr Repaka really took time to explain and discuss about my concerns. I recommend highly to anyone.

Linda M.
Submitted 03/08/22
My experience was awesome. Took time with me explained Everything and answered ALL my questions and concerns. Put me right at ease. Felt like I had been her patient forever, My very First Visit. Office staff was Amazing and so kind, so glad I found her,

Karen M.
Submitted 02/03/22
Good experience

Catherine H.
Submitted 02/02/22
Dr. Repaka was great! She took her time and answered all my questions thoroughly and I did not feel rushed etc . She was very kind and caring

Felixberto B.
Submitted 01/26/22
Great care and understanding of patient condition.

Monika A.
Submitted 01/12/22
She is very good and flexible, they accommodated my appointment at last moment. Virtual appointments are very convenient.

Nazia N.
Submitted 01/05/22
Dr. Repaka was very attentive & knowledgeable. She took the time to complete prior authorization form for my medication where my previous endocrinologist refused to do so claiming they have too many patients and it involves a lot of paperwork. Dr. Repaka was very efficient and professional in her manner and called me back directly regarding status of my medication. I’m impressed with my first visit and looking forward to building a lasting relationship.

Khadija H.
Submitted 12/21/21
I had a wonderful experience as she carefully listened & patiently explained everything.

Helen M.
Submitted 11/24/21
Doctor was very nice, explained well enough my condition and treatment. Waiting time was reasonable.

Herbert N.
Submitted 11/22/21
Very good

Asher L.
Submitted 11/18/21
Excelnt for first time visit by virtual. I look forward to routine visits

James G.
Submitted 11/18/21
My experience with Dr. R was very good. We, my wife and I, were greeted when we arrived for our fit meeting with her and the staff handled it very efficiently and focused. The Dr. was obviously well focused and very competent. She raised an issue related to my insulin consumption which I am focused on and thinking about. Both she and her staff were positively competent. One concern…I have had some difficulty in communicating with the office staff. Hard to set up an appointment and the following communications seems a bit difficult. I would like to see the doctor again soon. Thanks to all. Wade Gilley

Elizabeth N.
Submitted 11/15/21
Excellent. Dr. Repaka was on time, kind, and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the visit.

Lindsey P.
Submitted 11/11/21
So happy and really feeling a big difference overall with my hormones and how I am feeling

Lucille H.
Submitted 11/10/21
Everyone was extremely Nice and informe.

Lucille H.
Submitted 11/09/21
I feel like she wanted to help I feel she will help me.

Thomas K.
Submitted 11/09/21
Dr. Repaka was open, receptive, analytical, patient, knowledgeable, and efficient – everything that makes a great doctor.

Barbara D.
Submitted 10/26/21
Dr Repaka is a good listener. And is very good at explaining things.

Cynthia J.
Submitted 10/25/21
Dr. Repaka has been great as our new doctor. She picked right up where our former doctor, who retired, left off and we have been very happy with her care. She doesn’t rush appointments and actually listens. Front desk is also very nice. Definitely would reccomend this practice.

Rebecca R.
Submitted 10/13/21
I was able to be seen and Dr. Repaka was able to listen to my questions and reassured me greatly. Her staff were also calm and very kind.

My-Phuong N.
Submitted 10/12/21
Friendly, on-time and provides helpful info.

Laurie H.
Submitted 10/12/21
I am a new patient of Dr. Repaka and I am so pleased that I am seeing her. She is thorough, explains everything very well and is extremely friendly. I highly recommend her!

Ruth A.
Submitted 10/09/21
Dr. Repaka is very knowledgeable but also caring and compassionate. This combination is so missing in healthcare. So thankful I was able to schedule with her.

Niketa G.
Submitted 10/05/21
Dr. Neeharika is very compassionate and spends a good amount of time with a patient. Never had to wait for the doctor. The staff is very helpful.

Luanne T.
Submitted 10/04/21
I found Dr. Repaka to be very helpful and encouraging, especially in recent to my new insulin pump.

Melissa S.
Submitted 10/02/21
First appt so doctor needs to see my sugar readings and she how I do with the insulin first

Blanca C.
Submitted 10/02/21
Excellent, very comfortable with her and she is very thorough

Douglas M.
Submitted 09/30/21
Dr Repaka listened carefully, communicated clearly and had a good sense of humor. Thumbs up.

Sivakumar Y.
Submitted 09/24/21
Doctor was so patience listening to my concerns. Definitely recommend this doctor to family and friends.

Lucy B.
Submitted 09/23/21
Dr. Repaka was patient and caring. Listened to all of my concerns without making me feel rushed and suggested a sensible course of action for treatment. Grateful to have seen her.

Joyce D.
Submitted 09/22/21
Dr Repaka put me at ease. She was knowledgeable and empathetic, two qualities you want in your physician.

Nighat A.
Submitted 09/14/21
Excellent service

Laura W.
Submitted 09/09/21
Very personable. Took the time to explain my issues and options and answered any questions that I had.

Daniel V.
Submitted 09/08/21
Exam was thorough and Doctor was not rushed. Listened to any questions and provided feedback.

Huey Hannah L.
Submitted 09/08/21
She was patient and knowledgeable.

Angel M.
Submitted 09/06/21
The staff and the doctor are very polite. I didn’t have to wait a long time to see the doctor. The doctor discuss with me my concerns meticulously.

Pablo O.
Submitted 09/01/21